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Catalog 2018-19

A text book is a comprehensive collection of content in a branch of study. It plays a significant role in education as well as in each student’s life. So, our institution selects each and every book thoughtfully, in order to provide sufficient knowledge to our students.

Pre Primary

Our management believes that a child must learn through interactive, engaging and fun-filled activities. With that in our mind, for Kinder Garten kids we choose the book Next Play , published by Next Education , an integrated set of eight colourfully – illustrated books each covering core subjects like English, Number Work, and General Awareness in order to meet their needs as well as the parents’. These books follow the ‘introduce-recognise-apply’ approach while dealing with new concepts. Each book has a number of practice tasks and activities for all the concepts to develop age appropriate language, cognitive and motor skills. In addition to these, each book also has stories and rhymes to encourage children to read, listen, and tune into the sounds and rhythms of language.

This ‘integrated and interdisciplinary’ approach helps to develop visual memory skills and incidental learning at a young age in students. This book fuse subjective learning with creative and playful teaching to help children reach high standard in acquiring language, cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills.

S. No Grade Name of the Book Name of the Publisher
1 Pre-KG Next Play – Primer Next Education
2 LKG Next Play – Primer A
3 UKG Next Play – Primer B

Primary & Upper-Primary (GRADE I - VI)

A curriculum should be designed in a way as to nurture the child to gain cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, aesthetic development, social and physical development. Our BNCS chooses several educational books from various publishers for the subjects such as English, Tamil, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer, and Hindi including GK & Art to enhance the students with great potentiality accordance with their level and ability. Giving our kids the first priority, we carefully choose each and every book and its’ publishers.

Handwriting plays one of the vital roles in education. We choose a colourful cursive writing series, published by Madhuban , for all grades from LKG to VI; the series make the students enjoy so much that they will write more and more.

Art and Craft form the medicine of soul; our aim is to enlighten the students’ power of imagination through supervised interactive art activities. So, for all the grades, we prefer the book Incredible Art published by Pelican which make the children learn new things every day, and enhance their general awareness.

Moral education helps the students distinguish between right and wrong. We opt for the moral book Nithi Rathna , published by Rathna Sagar , which can make the pupils build a good personal and professional life.

S. No Subject Grade Name of the Book Name of the Publisher
1 English I – VI Exploring English: A Multi-Skill Course COLLINS
2 Tamil LKG & UKG Tamil Malar MARIA
I - VI Tamil Aruvi MADHUBAN
3 Mathematics I - IV Fun with Numbers NEW JYOTHI PUBLICATIONS
V Play with Numbers
IV Enjoy with Numbers
4 Science I - VI School Science SEAGULL
5 Social Science I & II A Course in Environmental Studies COLLINS
III - VI An Integrated Course in Social Studies
6 Computer I - VI Next Hindi NEXT EDUCATION
7 Hindi I - VI Computer Masti
8 GK I - VI Peep in General Awareness MARIA
9 Moral I - VI Nithi Rathna RATNA SAGAR
10 Cursive Writing LKG & UKG Cursive Writing MADHUBAN
I - VI
11 Art & Craft KG Incredible Art A (Pre KG) PELICAN
Incredible Art B (LKG)
Incredible Art C (UKG)
I - VI Incredible Art (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6)