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Catalog 2019-20

Pre Primary

The outcome of previous academic year influences us to bring some changes in the prescribed books in order to lift the growth of our students up. Hence, we select Hop Skip and Jump , published by Macmillan Education is an easy way to use pre-primary programme designed especially for early childhood students’ unique needs, abilities, and interests.

The series comprises three kits of classes – Nursery, Junior KG, and Senior KG. Based on the multi-sensorial approach and lavishly illustrated, each kit provides a comprehensive curriculum, encompassing key early childhood, content areas, including phonemic awareness, numeracy, general awareness, art and craft, rhymes and songs, stories, handwriting and more. This series provides some additional resources such as Vocabulary Flashcards, Fun Mats, Masks, Stickers, and Digital Learning Resources.

S. No Grade Name of the Book Name of the Publisher
1 Pre-KG Hop Skip and Jump Nursery MACMILLAN EDUCATION
2 LKG Hop Skip and Jump Junior KG
3 UKG Hop Skip and Jump Senior KG
4 LKG & UKG Tamil Malar (TAMIL) MARIA
5 Cursive Writing MADHUBAN

Primary (Grade I to V)

We aim to nurture the child to gain cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, aesthetic development, social and physical development through an effective curriculum with the books of elite publishers. So we choose My Learning Ladder which shapes the children to focus on progressive learning, variety of methodologies, and new approaches to teaching as well as learning for the core subjects - English, Mathematics, EVS/ Science, and Social Science, we are following the books of My Learning Ladder, published by OUP (Oxford University Press) which furthers the objective of excellence in research and education. Additionally, the course books aspire the students’ acquisition of concepts, development of the skills to understand the nuances of the subjects taught as well as their capability of framing their own regulations through Experiential Learning.

In addition, we select the books New Find Out & Go Digital for the subjects GK & Computer from Grade I to VII, from the same publisher (OUP) since they provide necessary ambience to differentiate by allowing the students to access knowledge at a variety of levels and it caters to the needs of each child in a class room.

We follow the same books of previous year for the subjects such as Tamil, Moral, Art and Craft, and Cursive Writing.

S. No Subject Grade Name of the Book Name of the Publisher
1 English I – V My Learning Ladder – English OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
2 Mathematics I – V My Learning Ladder – Mathematics
3 Science I & II My Learning Ladder – Environmental Studies
III - V My Learning Ladder – Science
4 Social Science III - V My Learning Ladder – Social Studies
5 Computer I - V Go Digital
6 GK New Find Out
7 Tamil Tamil Aruvi MADHUBAN
8 Hindi Next Hindi NEXT EDUCATION
9 Moral Nithi Ratna RATNA SAGAR
10 Art & Craft Incredible Art PELICAN
11 Cursive Writing Cursive Writing MADHUBAN

Upper-Primary (Grade VI to VII)

For Upper-primary we prescribe NCERT books which offer in-depth knowledge to the students and are entirely in accordance with the CBSE curriculum. The NCERT books are sufficient to score well in the CBSE board examinations, and no other additional books, or reference books, or side books are needed since NCERT books can clear the concepts of each and every student.

Furthermore, in order to make our students have the thorough knowledge of English Grammar, we choose The Grammar Tree, published by Oxford University Press. We select books for Computer & GK as well from the same publisher (OUP).

S. No Subject Grade Name of the Book Name of the Publisher
1 English VI Honey Suckle (Text Book) NCERT
A Pact of Sun (Supplementary Reader)
VII Honey Comb (Text Book)
An Alien Hand (Supplementary Reader)
VI & VII The Grammar Tree (Grammar Book) OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS
2 Tamil VI & VII Tamil Aruvi MADHUBAN
3 Mathematics Mathematics NCERT
4 Science Science
5 Social VI Our Pasts I (History)
The Earth Our Habitat (Geography)
Social and Political Life I (Civics)
VII Our Pasts II (History)
The Earth Our Habitat (Geography)
Social and Political Life II (Civics)
6 Hindi VI Vasanth (Part I)
VII Vasanth (Part II)
8 GK New Find Out
9 Moral Nithi Ratna RATNA SAGAR
10 Art & Craft Incredible Art PELICAN
11 Cursive Writing Cursive Writing MADHUBAN