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Clubs & Activities

Eco Club

The Eco Club in BNCS made up of teachers and a group of motivated students to learn about the environment and to take action to improve the environment.

Literary Club

Literary club was formed to develop the creative writing and dramatic skills, assessment is done where in the children learn to express their ideas in perfect and grammatically correct English, Tamil and Hindi. They also learn how to plan, present their ideas by comparing and contrasting ideas.

Nature Club

Nature club was formed in BNCS to make the students understand the nature. Students were encouraged and guided to take up projects for National Children Science Congress.

Photography club

The Photography club in the school club allows students to learn, enjoy and explore the world of photography in school life. Students will learn how to improve their picture taking skill, interact with other photographers and display their work. Field trips, monthly meetings with guest speakers, public display case for photographs make the students get engaged with photography club.

Art Club

The BNCS Art Club is opened to all the students who want to be creative. Students design, draw and paint banners and produce artwork using unique materials to stretch and grow their creativity.

Social Club

BNCS provides Social Club opportunities for every student. Student participation can contribute to the moral values, co-operation, development of personal responsibility, emotional maturity, self-discipline, individuality, leadership, a realization of the value of group goals, and an understanding of democratic processes.

Maths Club

Maths club in the school raises the profile of Mathematics within the school, increases the engagement of children in Mathematics, makes the students understand that Maths is a playful and diverse subject full of surprises, helps children apply their Maths skills to other ‘real-life’ and develops children’s mathematical reasoning skill.